Current Events

Ghost Patrol Reconstructed — October 31, 2013

When you are a company as "forward thinking" as Ghost Patrol sometimes you might need to lay low for a while and wait for things to blow over. We may have been quiet for a bit, but we are back in.. I mean STILL in... business, with an all new scheme...scam...idea!

We've always got cases we need to crack and we're always looking for a way to cut costs. So one day someone here said, "Hey, like... the 'internet.' You know, social media... uh... crowd sourcing... right?! Hello?!" It was a great idea — get as many people as possible working as fast as possible and watch the ghosts dissapparate. Genius! We quickly put the plan into action.

The main event will run from 3 PM—3 AM (PST) this Halloween. You'll be able to sit back in the comfort of your own home and we'll deliver the clues right to you. It's like science had a baby with magic and it was delivered by Dr. Convenience!

Registration is OPEN! There are two ways to register — as part of the main event or as private party. Any team that registers as part of the main event and plays during the hours of 3 PM—3 AM on Halloween will be tracked with others who register in this way. Teams that register as a private party will be tracked together (and separate from those who registered for the main event). Teams that register as a private party can choose to start whenever is convenient for them.




Past events

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