Updated: 10.29.2013

What's the scoop?

"Ghost Patrol Reconstructed" is an online, short-format, print-and-solve game. All the puzzles are brand-spanking new. It's not a retooling of an old ghost. The main event game will launch at 3PM (PST) on Halloween 2013. Teams can start playing anytime after launch, but they do not have to begin right at 3PM. The main event game will end at 3AM. As a player, you can expect a fair amount of cutting, pasting and/or taping, solving, light trivia, subtle weeping, and very few internet look-em-ups. And no codes!

There are a few tasks that might be nice to split up, but a lone player could also do fairly well. A team of 4 can expect 4—6 hours solve time average. Complete noobers and super teams are anyone's guess. There is an online hint and answer confimation system that is mobile device friendly. And there won't be any GC around judging you with their judgy eyes and furrowed brows. So pants optional, amirite!?

The game will be online permanently and anyone can register and play at anytime and have the same experience. Registration is incredible easy and takes about 15 seconds. So don't worry about registering before you want to play.

Is there a limit to the number of players on a team?

There is no official limit to team size. The recommended team size is 4. Fewer could do fine. More might feel a little crowded.

What is the "main event"? And what is a "private party"?

Main Event
If you play between 3PM and 3AM on Halloween, we will take your score and make a pretty little spreadsheet that will be posted online so you can view it and compare your teams score to others. Standard stuff. Any entries after 3AM will not be added to the scoreboard. You can get your own team's results and make your own comparisons, but we will not update the main scoreboard. It will be closed. For-e-VER!

Private Party
For more information, please read the Private Party Information page. The idea behind this is to allow for any group to run their own event. For example, an area (e.g., Seattle) could run an event that only tracks Seattle teams together. But you could also run a small, home gathering or office competition using this system.

A party organizer registers an event and adds teams to that event. When those teams login, they will be part of that event. The party organizer has the ability to see those team's progress and publish the information so the teams can see.There's no information about the game and/or puzzles divulged to the party organizer, so s/he can play along and compete, too!

Any number of teams can get together and register as a "private party." This can also be played at ANY time after launch. These scores will not go on the main scoreboard or be posted by Ghost Patrol at all, rather, at the "game-masters" request the results of those teams will be emailed to her/him and it will be their responsibility to parse the data and deliver it to teams however they choose. We make no promises to the "prettiness" of the data you will receive this way, only it's accuracy.

If this sounds like something you'd like to do, go ahead and organize your event. Exact instructions are covered in the Private Party Information page. Feel free to contact the inspector if you have additional questions.


What's this gonna cost me?

There's no cost to play — all you need is an email address to register.


Is there a maximum number of teams that can play?

Nope. Hooray!


OK. OK. So, what's the catch?

No catch! (Other than a stream of sordid spirits to catch.)


Paper puzzles? Come on!

I know, I know. But I have done what I can to keep all the puzzles interesting and in the Ghost Patrol theme.


What about scoring? I like to WIN!

We will provide more details on the scoring system as we approach the launch date, but we will track your solve time vs your start time, so no worries getting there exactly at launch. Just make sure you finish before the game closes at 3AM if you want to be ranked with other teams playing in the main event. The complete scoring structure will be revealed when the game launches.


Can you tell me what I need again? I forgot.

You will need a printer (black and white is fine). The puzzles are not solvable without printing. You will also need basic office supplies — pens, pencils, scissors (the more the merrier), tape, rulers, highlighters and such. You will also need internet access.


What's the timeline?

More information will be posted and registration will open on the "Events" page

3:00 PM — The game goes live

3:00 AM —  Game closes*

*Puzzles will be up indefinitely, but this will conclude the official score-tracking portion for the main event.